Who To See

  • IB related questions (requirements, schedules, predicted scores, concerns, time management, etc): Mrs. Dean- F106A (Michelle.d.dean@mcpsmd.net)
  • Transcripts/Credits/Graduation Requirements: Maureen Bonner- counseling office (Maureen_Bonner@mcpsmd.org)
  • Students schedules: B-CC Counselors- counseling office
  • College Related Questions: Patty Parmelee- College and Career Center (Patricia_B_Parmelee@mcpsmd.org)
  • Course Specific Questions: IB teachers
  • IB Administrator: Dr. David Mugerwa- main office (David_N_Mugerwa@mcpsmd.org) 
  • CAS Coordinator: Krysten Barnhouse- IB suite in morning, Counseling office in afternoon (Krysten_D_Barnhouse@mcpsmd.org)