IB Student Registry

The IB Student Registry is an exciting website now available for IB students to help connect them with universities. This website allows students to upload their own academic, extracurricular, college-interest and IB specific information into a database that is accessible to universities in order for them to identify potential applicants for their campus. The registry will also allow students to browse colleges and universities and view IB recognition policies and scholarships.

This website can be a great resource for students and parents to gain a greater knowledge of the relationship between IB and universities and allow students to showcase their hard work and dedication to the IB program.

The IB Student Registry website can be found here:




Sending/Requesting IB Scores

Any student taking an IB class that would like to request their IB scores sent to a university and/or you will have a change of address over the summer then you need to fill out the form below.

If students make a request now (up to three schools) for their scores to be sent Mrs. Dean will be able to process the request, but if they choose to do so after the scores come out on July 6th then all requests will need to go through the IB. There may be a fee for the IB to send the results.


The link below explains the process for sending transcripts for current and alumni students:


FAQ’s on IB Exams

In the link below is the power point being presented to students this week regarding their IB exams. Also, this week students are receiving a packet with a list of exams they are taking (with the times) and their session number, personal code, and pin. They will need this information for not only their exam but when they view their results on July 6th!

The room schedule for exams will be posted this week outside the main office. Not all students will report to the same room for the same exam so it is important that each students views the schedule when posted.

If you have a question that cannot be answered by this power point please contact Mrs. Dean or Mrs. Barnhouse.

FAQs about IB Exams