Who To See

  • IB related questions (requirements, schedules, predicted scores, concerns, time management, etc): Mrs. Dean- F106A (Michelle.d.dean@mcpsmd.net)
  • Transcripts/Credits/Graduation Requirements: Maureen Bonner- counseling office (Maureen_Bonner@mcpsmd.org)
  • Students schedules: B-CC Counselors- counseling office
  • College Related Questions: Patty Parmelee- College and Career Center (Patricia_B_Parmelee@mcpsmd.org)
  • Course Specific Questions: IB teachers
  • IB Administrator: Dr. David Mugerwa- main office (David_N_Mugerwa@mcpsmd.org) 


CAS Coordinator: Krysten Barnhouse- IB suite in morning, Counseling office in afternoon (Krysten_D_Barnhouse@mcpsmd.org)

Predicted Scores

Predicted Scores

As you are completing college applications, you may be asked about IB predicted scores. Read on to learn about the predicted score process at B-CC.

  • U.S. universities may ask for predicted scores, but typically they are not a factor in determining admission. U.S. universities will look at your GPA and SAT/ACT scores before they look at predicted scores. If you think your scores will be all 6’s or 7’s, you could continue the process, but otherwise, you do not need to report them.
    • U.S. universities will want your IB test scores so you can potentially earn college credit. Sending scores to colleges is a different process which we will tell you about later in the school year.
  • If you are applying to schools outside of the U.S., you may need predicted scores. There are many ways to report your scores, but we prefer to keep these confidential (similar to a college recommendation). If we must share your predictions with you, due to the nature of the application, you may not ask teachers to change your score. 
    • If you are using UCAS to apply, you need to know that the person who writes your recommendation will also report your predicted scores. Do not let them complete the recommendation until you have confirmed that all your predicted scores have been collected. 
    • If you are applying through another electronic application, you will need to work out the best way to report those scores with Mrs. Dean.
    • If you need us to complete a paper application, please give the paper and an envelope (with a stamp and the address) to Mrs. Dean
    • We also put together an official that states your predicted scores. This letter can then be mailed, emailed, or faxed. 


The predicted score process:

  • Email Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Barnhouse (Michelle.D.Dean@mcpsmd.net and Krysten_D_Barnhouse@mcpsmd.org) requesting your predicted scores. We will also ask you how you’d like your scores to be reported. (See above)
    • We will then contact your IB teachers to ask for their predicted scores.
    • Once all scores have been collected, we put together a letter that states your scores in each class. (We will also include final scores if you took any exams your junior year.)
  • Depending on what point in the semester you need your scores, each teacher will have a different way in determining your predicted grade. You may want to ask your teacher in advance how they are determining your score. 
  • If you know you need a certain score to be accepted to a particular school, you may want to share that with your teachers. (This does not mean you will get that score, but we may be able to give you an idea of whether or not your predicted score will be close to what you need.)

IB Student Registry

The IB Student Registry is an exciting website now available for IB students to help connect them with universities. This website allows students to upload their own academic, extracurricular, college-interest and IB specific information into a database that is accessible to universities in order for them to identify potential applicants for their campus. The registry will also allow students to browse colleges and universities and view IB recognition policies and scholarships.

This website can be a great resource for students and parents to gain a greater knowledge of the relationship between IB and universities and allow students to showcase their hard work and dedication to the IB program.

The IB Student Registry website can be found here: