Prospective Students

The IB diploma program at B-CC is open to all grade eleven and twelve students who reside within the Bethesda-Chevy Chase school boundaries.  This means that while there are no entrance requirements for students into the diploma program, your residence must be within our school boundaries. 

Please follow this link to an MCPS utility called the school assignment locator which allows you to both view maps of our school attendance zone, called a “cluster”, and input addresses to the school assignment of an individual address.  . 

The residency requirement applies for all the IB diploma programs within MCPS, although some of the schools are grouped into consortia where a residence zoned for one high school can transfer into a neighboring school that has a diploma program (Springbrook, Kennedy, and Einstein fall into this description).  

Here also is some information about enrolling international students in MCPS.  For students coming to our schools from schools outside the US, the first step of enrollment is through the School Counseling, Residency and International Admissions Office (SCRIA). . 

As soon as you have an arrival date in the US, contact the International office to make an appointment for transcript evaluation.  You’ll need to bring your student’s official academic records – usually with the seal of the school on them, your proof of residency within the school cluster, and medical records for your student.  The student needs to come as well.  The International office will evaluate the academic transcripts and assign credits for the courses already taken, designate a receiving school, and forward the credit evaluation to that school.  You’ll then go to the school with your student to enroll with the school registrar (Ms. Maureen Bonner is B-CC’s registrar), and meet with a school counselor (and the IB diploma coordinator if the student is enrolling in the diploma program) to set up courses.  The transcript evaluation process generally takes two or three days, but at the beginning of the school year, it’s harder to make appointments with the International office and the school registrars because many people are enrolling their children in schools at that time.

Please search through our website to find IB courses offered at B-CC and other requirements for graduating with an IB diploma!