Diploma Requirements

You must complete all of the components in order to be awarded the Diploma.

Diploma Requirements

You must complete 6 academic courses and some additional requirements:

  • One course each from groups 1-5, including one Mathematics course
  • Either a Group 6 course, or another course from groups 1-4
  • At least three of your courses need to be Higher Level. You may take a fourth Higher Level class if you like.
  • Theory of Knowledge class, an Extended Essay on a research topic of your choosing, and Creativity/Action/Service requirements.


The groups are as follows:

  1. Language A – Literature (English)
  2. Language B (World Language)
  3. Individuals and Societies
  4. Experimental Science
  5. Mathematics
  6. Fine Arts and other Electives such as an extra foreign language, social science course, or a second science
  7. For each course assessment, you will receive a numerical grade out of 7 (4 is the minimum pass). IB also awards points for the quality of your work on your Extended Essay, and the assessed work you complete for Theory of Knowledge, up to 3 extra points.

The combined score of all your examinations must be at least a 24 to be awarded the Diploma.

Further Diploma Requirements:

  • CAS requirements must be met.
  • Candidate’s total points are at least 24.
  • No grades of N have been given for theory of knowledge, extended essay or for a contributing subject.
  • No grade of E awarded for either theory of knowledge or the extended essay.
  • No grade of 1 awarded in a subject/level.
  • No grades of 2 have been awarded three or more times (HL or SL).
  • No grades of 3 or below have been awarded four or more times (HL or SL).
  • Candidates have gained at least 12 points on HL subjects (for candidates who register for four HL subjects, the three highest grades count).
  • Candidates have grained at least 9 points on SL subjects (candidates who register for two SL subjects must gain at least 5 points at SL).

Of course, you need to have a numerical grade higher than 1 in each of your six courses. If you don’t complete all the requirements for one exam, you don’t get your diploma even if you have enough points without the number grade from that course and meet the other conditions. And finally, the IB cannot find you guilty of malpractice.